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Application dead Line: Dec 10th, 2021 *Cranes need to arrive at LA office until Dec 13th 2021

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About Space Crane 2021 Mission

For the past two years, our lifestyle has changed dramatically as adults as well as children have been cut off from the world due to the pandemic. I have also realized how important it is to be connected to other people and how important it is to be healthy, and I am grateful for every day that I can live a healthy and normal life.

As astronaut Ms Naoko Yamazaki, who has seen the Earth from space in the past, commented, "When I go to space, my worries seem so small.” I think we are living in an age where we need to learn about space and have hope and motivation for the future in order to see the beautiful blue earth from a different Perspective.

In such a situation, and precisely because it is a time like this, I believe that we need to support and hope for each other. That is why we have decided to launch the " Space Crane 2021 Mission" as a "Project of Inspiration and Hope for the Future" with volunteers from various fields, including scientists and artists, and send it out to the world.

The mission aims to promote education and international exchange in the new era by learning science and art at the same time, while connecting and interacting with the next generation of children around the world through the traditional Japanese culture of paper cranes.

This year is said to be the "First Year of Space" and "Woman in Space" is being celebrated during the United Nations' World Space Week.

The "Space Crane Project" is a project that combines science and art from a Japanese perspective, and we would like to share it with you as we move into a new space age.

We are looking forward to your participation with your children.

    From Ms. Miyuki Sohara

ISS Space Ambassador and initiator of the project

ISU 2020, ESU 2020

Youth Space Crane Ambassador

Takamaro K

As much freedom we feel we have on Earth, the freedom is still very limited. However, space is infinite. Space is still mysterious, with so many potential discoveries to be made. Sending your hopes and wishes through the space cranes represents just that, reaching for the infinite universe and exploring the mystery of which the future holds for you.

Youth Space Crane Ambassador

Reyna K

Dead Line: Dec 10th,2021

(*Paper Crane Must arrive at the Los Angeles office by December 13th

(When it reaches 1,000 Paper Cranes, it will be the next flight. Thank you for interested in the project)


Sakura Production USA LLC

Attn: Miyuki- Space Crane 2021

2029 Century Park E #400N

Los Angeles, CA 90067, USA

*Please do not forget to write Room Number " #400 N "

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Message from Scientist and Artist

Shelli Brunswick

SPACE Foundation COO

Space4Woman Mentor, International Space University 2020, ESU 20

The future of the space ecosystem is global partnership, so the crane is a perfect symbol of our hope for peaceful collaboration across more than 85 countries and thousands of commercial enterprises and supply chain entrepreneurs that are rising up to operate in the space ecosystem. As each contributes to discovery and innovation, the Space Crane Mission is a reminder that global partnerships are how we will collectively educate and train people to meet the growing workforce requirements and economies, for space exploration and improving life here on Earth for all.

John Spencer

Outer Space Architect

Founder of the Space Tourism Society (STS)

Co-Founder and Chief Creative officer, Mars World Enterprises, Inc.

The International Space Station (ISS) was built and is run by 16 nations.

It is a wonderful example of people from around the world working together for the betterment of all humankind.

In my opinion it is a symbol of the crane in space and of peaceful corporation.

As humankind moves further out into the Solar System we will do so together in peace.

Shiho Iwanaga, Ph.D.

Battery Engineer

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Washington

Former NASA and Caltech Postdoctoral Fellow

  Thirteen years ago, I applied to become astronaut but unfortunately it did not happen.

There are still many technical issues to be solved before anyone can go to space easily.

  The Space Cranes are traveling through space with our wishes ahead of us.

It reminds us to do what we can do now, while dreaming about the future that will come one day.

Yumi Iwashita PhD


Computer vision for Robotics

Space is not a suitable place for humans to stay for a long time, due to radiation etc., and instead, the space agencies around the world, such as NASA, JAXA and ESA, send spacecraft into space, and landers and rovers to planetary surfaces, as representatives of nations and of the entire world.

I believe the space crane is a wonderful opportunity to send something that represents us individually in space.  

Yoshiaki Kuwata PhD

Aerospace Engineer

Sending something that you made with your own hands to space is a rare opportunity unless you work in the space industry. I believe this space crane project has the power to transform such rare opportunities into what everyone, regardless of their age, profession, and country, can experience in the near future.

Masaki Nakada Ph.D.

Artificial Life researcher

CEO NeuralX Inc.

Forbs The Next 1000 2021

MIT Technology Review Japan2020 Under 35 Winner

Thanks to the advancement and discovery in science, this world became such a convenient and entertaining place.

You might feel there are not much left to be done at this point; however, the fact is that there are so many unknowns when it comes to universe and human brain. I am feeling great potential in those area as an younger scientist for the contributions we may be able to bring.

Mina Konaka Ph.D.

Paris observatory Researcher

UNOOSA space4women mentor

Former satellite system engineer at JAXA


Look up at the sky, you will see space cranes carrying your dreams on their wings.

Origami, the art of creating intricate shapes from a single sheet of paper, is a world-renowned part of Japanese culture.

The Space Crane Mission is a wonderful STREAM education project that brings together tradition and technology.

May the scientists of the future participate and may the thousand space cranes bring peace to the earth.

Kai Narita, Ph.D.

Battery Engineer,

PhD in Materials Science

California Institute of Technology

Takenaka Scholarship Foundation

Masason Foundation


MIT Technology Review Japan 2021 Under 35 Winner

When transporting things to space, it is important to minimize their mass and volume. One innovative approach to achieve this is controlling the architecture of materials, represented by Origami Engineering. If you think in this way, sending space cranes is interesting from the engineering perspective as well.

Randy Greenberg

Founder and CEO of The Greenberg Group,

Executive Producer,

Former Hollywood Studio Executive

Art. Science. Education. Entertainment.

These are disciplines that make humankind inspirational - motivating young minds around the world to build upon and excel beyond what is now known - this is what we should all strive to do, always.

As a young child I was captivated by space and the wonder of “out there” - if this project can excite one mind to join one of these disciplines, then we have all succeeded. Beautifully.

Takako Ishikawa

Sound Design and FX Editor

Emmy Award Winner

TV Series "Black List" , "Empire"

Film ”Samurai Marathon" "Hannari" , " Orizuru 2015"

 I read an article which said that all you can hear in space is the sound you make. Sound is the vibration of air, so if there is no air in space, we will not hear any sound. Does that mean that the powerful sounds of movies or anime in space are just Imaginary sound effects? I also read that NASA has the technology to listen to space, and they are conducting research to feel the universe with sound. It's wonderful that what we thought was impossible can be made possible by the dreams, hopes, and efforts of many people. The wishes you put in the paper cranes may come true.

Matsune Suzuki (Matt Suzuki)

Oscar Award and Emmy Winner

Director, Art Director, Set Design

General Special Effects

Avatar, Avatar 2 , Zootopia , Frozen, Alita, Maze 3 Death Cure, Wreck it Ralph etc.

This year, civilians will finally be able to fly into space and expand their dreams.

On the other hand, it is also true that some people are trying to use it for military purposes.

It is up to us to decide what kind of picture we want to draw on this blank canvas.

Let's make the space crane a forerunner of the universe of hope.

Toshi Toda

Hollywood Actor

New TV series "SHOGUN" (2022),

"GODZILA Godzilla" (1998),

"Letters from Iwo Jima" (2006/US)

Orizuru 2015 (2015), etc.

In Japan, "crane" means something to be


It also has the meaning of a symbol of peace brought about by the thousand cranes of the Origami Crane Girl. In order to have peace, the hearts of the people of the world must unite and wish for peace with love. Let's fold the cranes with this wish and send our wishes from the universe. I believe that this action will have a great meaning, especially now that people's hearts are in trouble due to the influence of pandemic.

Mizuho Osawa

Film and TV Music Composer

Japan Olympic Synchronized Team

Documentary Film Hannari

It has been revealed that the universe has been filled with music since its birth 38 million years ago, 13.8 billion years ago. For example, I wonder if Princess KAGUYA would be pleased if I sent it out to planets where life is expected to exist.

Wouldn't it be great if Princess KAGUYA herself replied?Just thinking about it makes my heart skip a beat.

My dream is to compose music that pleases the universe.

Yuki Saito


Winner of Cannes International Advertising Festival,

Won the Audience Award for the fourth time in the history of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia etc.

Movie "KOTO" (2016), "Gunkan Shonen" (2021) , TV "Ossanzu Love" (2018), etc.

Ever since I saw the movie "E.T." as a child, I have wondered if there is a civilization somewhere in the universe and if one day we will be able to interact with aliens. I have always wondered if there will be a day when we can interact with aliens. The desire to know the unknown is an innate human need. In movies, it is made possible through imagination. An origami crane with people's thoughts on it flies off into space. It is very cinematic and dreamy, but it is a real project. One day, aliens with origami cranes in their hands may send messages back to Earth.

Yumiko Sato


NHK TV Series "Amakarashan"

Film "ULTRAMAN" , Film "Orizuru 2015"

We are able to learn the secrets of our solar system and many galaxies from the tiny, tiny fragments delivered to Earth by satellites.

These fragments may also reveal our beginnings. Just thinking about the universe makes me excited, doesn't it?

Dead Line Dec 10th,2021

(Paper Crane Must arrive at the Los Angeles office by December 13th )

(When it reaches 1,000 Paper Cranes, it will be the next flight. Thank you for interested in the project)


Sakura Production USA LLC

Attn: Miyuki- Space Crane 2021

2029 Century Park E #400N

Los Angeles, CA 90067, USA

*Please do not forget to write Room Number " #400 N "

Space Crane 2021 will accept PayPal for Participate Fee

PayPal for : sakuraproduction@gmail.com

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