Dead Line November 30th


11/30 迄 受付中

Message from Scientist and Artist (応援メッセージ)

Masaki Nakada, PhD

Artificial Life researcher and CEO NeuralX Inc.

Forbs The Next 1000 2021/ MIT Review Under 35 Japan Award Winner

Thanks to the advancement and discovery in science, this world became such a convenient and entertaining place.

You might feel there are not much left to be done at this point; however, the fact is that there are so many unknowns when it comes to universe and human brain. I am feeling great potential in those area as an younger scientist for the contributions we may be able to bring.

仲田 真輝

人工生命研究者 x NeuralX社 社長 

Forbs The Next 1000 2021

 第一回MIT テクノロジーレビュー Under 35 アワードジャパン 受賞者



Yumi Iwashita PhD

NASA, JPL / Computer vision for Robotics

Space is not a suitable place for humans to stay for a long time, due to radiation etc., and instead, the space agencies around the world, such as NASA, JAXA and ESA, send spacecraft into space, and landers and rovers to planetary surfaces, as representatives of nations and of the entire world.

I believe the space crane is a wonderful opportunity to send something that represents us individually in space.

岩下 友美 

NASAジェット推進研究所研究員 工学博士 専門:ロケットビジョン

宇宙は放射線などのため人類にとって長期間滞在するには適した場所ではありませんが、その代わりにNASA, JAXA, ESAなど世界各国の宇宙機関では、国家を、また世界を代表する探査機を宇宙に送り込んでいます。


Kai Narita, PhD

Battery Engineer, PhD in Materials Science, California Institute of Technology

Takenaka Scholarship Foundation Masason Foundation XPLANE

When transporting things to space, it is important to minimize their mass and volume. One innovative approach to achieve this is controlling the architecture of materials, represented by Origami Engineering. If you think in this way, sending space cranes is interesting from the engineering perspective as well.

成田 海



2016年 竹中育英会海外奨学生、 2017年 孫正義育英財団第一期生 XPLANE 設立者の一人


そのための革新的な方法は、材料のかたちの制御です。Origami Engineeringもその一つの例ですね。そうやってみると、宇宙鶴を送るのは工学としても面白い試みだと思います。

Mizuho Osawa

Film and TV Music Composer

Japan Olympic Synchronized Team, Documentary Hannari etc

It has been revealed that the universe has been filled with music since its birth 38 million years ago, 13.8 billion years ago. For example, I wonder if Princess KAGUYA would be pleased if I sent it out to planets where life is expected to exist.

Wouldn't it be great if Princess KAGUYA herself replied? Just thinking about it makes my heart skip a beat.

My dream is to compose music that pleases the universe.

作曲家 大沢みずほ

オリンピック シンクロナイズド日本チーム、はんなり


Hollywood Actor  Toshi Toda

New TV series "SHOGUN" (2022), "GODZILA Godzilla" (1998), "Letters from Iwo Jima" (2006/US), Orizuru 2015 (2015), etc.

In Japan, "crane" means something to be celebrated. It also has the meaning of a symbol of peace brought about by the thousand cranes of the Origami Crane Girl. In order to have peace, the hearts of the people of the world must unite and wish for peace with love. Let's fold the cranes with this wish and send our wishes from the universe. I believe that this action will have a great meaning, especially now that people's hearts are in trouble due to the influence of pandemic.

ハリウッド俳優  戸田 年冶

新TVシリーズ「SHOGUN」(2022),「GODZZILA ゴジラ」(1998)、「硫黄島からの手紙」(2006/米)、折鶴2015(2015)